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The Courses

Cochineal has meticulously designed its program to cater to the capabilities of media graduates and trainees in various specializations. This program is primarily practical, requiring trainees to produce series of television programs, radio shows, and diverse films by the end of the course. Cochineal then distributes these productions across different platforms. Consequently, the practical application isn't merely educational but a genuine program aimed at creating direct employment opportunities.

Content creation for all platforms 

The trainee in this course will be able to learn writing, filming, editing, sound engineering, music, and production stages.

Course Duration: 30 days.

TV Presenting

In this course, the trainee will be equipped with all the necessary tools to become a successful presenter of all types of programs, as this course focuses on refining the trainee’s technical, cultural, and personal skills.

Course Duration: 20 days.

Skills in focusing voice and dealing with media

In this course, we have combined two separate courses, but they serve each other. In this course, the trainee will be able to use voice and body techniques, deal with the media, and produce podcasts and vodcasts.

Course Duration: 20 days.

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