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The art of diction, voice focus skills, and dealing with the media

Course objectives

• Improving diction skills and controlling letters
• Use strong verbal and non-verbal communication by learning correct body mo
vement and optimal use of our vocal abilities
• Speak confidently and leave a credible and influential impression
• Organizing information interactively and logically
• Confronting the fear of public speaking and challenging the obstacles of speaking in front of people
• Breaking the barrier of fear of facing the public
• Preparing distinctive speeches

The Subjects of the course 

  1. The importance and role of sound.

  2. Pitch and strength of sound.

  3. Control fear and emotions.

  4. Speed of speech

  5. Intonation

  6. Tone

  7. Numbering.

  8. Improvisation.

  9. Diction.

  10. Division and pressure locations.

  11. the language.

  12. the culture

  13. Communication and delivery mechanism.

  14. body language.

  15. The short interview in the news bulletin.

  16. Types of interviews

  17. Roundtable programmes.

  18. The language of journalism.

  19. Prepare for the interview

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