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Cochineal Class is a specialized media training program tailored for graduates of media programs in Qatari universities and colleges, as well as individuals interested in entering the field of media, led by media stars from the Arab world. The training encompasses the development of various skills in content creation, starting from preparation to production, and then onto various presentation platforms, allowing trainees to experience the real world of media.

Cochineal has meticulously designed its program to suit the capabilities of graduates and aspiring media trainees with different specializations. This program primarily operates as an applied program, requiring trainees to produce series of television programs, radio shows, and diverse films by the end of the course, which Cochineal then distributes across various platforms. Thus, the practical application is not merely educational but a real program aimed at creating immediate work opportunities.

Upon completion, trainees acquire practical and technical tools enabling them to work independently or with different stations and platforms, producing artistic works for themselves or private institutions. Cochineal ensures their support by assigning various projects to enhance their efficiency in the job market.

We are dedicated to disseminating this knowledge to all individuals in the Arab world by facilitating the learning process through recorded courses on the proposed academic material, allowing all aspiring individuals in this field to benefit from the practical experience of these media luminaries.

Our Coaches 


Shaima Alhammdi

TV Presenter 

BeIn Sport


Sabrin Alhaj Farj

TV Presenter 



Hiba Zidan

TV Presenter 

AlKass TV


Loqman Hamma

Voice over



Abdulah Mohammad



Saddah Alkenani

Writer & Director

Cochineal Production

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