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Group Classes

Drumming Up Fun and Learning

Looking for a dynamic musical experience for your child? Look no further than our Group Classes

During the summer break, kids can dive into the world of rhythm and percussion in our exciting Drum Group classes. Led by experienced instructors, these classes offer a blend of drumming, percussion instruments, and engaging music games. It's the perfect introduction to the world of music before diving into one-on-one classes.

Our kids get to interact and collaborate with their peers, fostering teamwork and creativity. It is a unique opportunity to explore their musical interests in a fun and supportive environment.

Ready to drum up some fun and learning? Enroll your child in our Group Classes today at Cochineal!

One - One Classes

Unlock Your Musical Potential

One-on-One Classes:

Experience personalized attention and guidance with our one-on-one classes, tailored to your specific learning objectives. From refining technique to exploring musical interpretation, our individualized approach ensures rapid progress and maximum development.

Music Programs:

Bridge to Music

Our specially crafted program designed for residents of Qatar provides a seamless transition into the world of music, whether you're a beginner or looking to expand your skills.

3 In1 Class

Experience the ultimate music education Plan with our comprehensive 3-in-1 class, offering a unique blend of instrumental instruction, music theory, and performance opportunities.

Music Trials

Discover Your Musical Potential in 20 Minutes

Discover Your Musical Potential in 20 Minutes

Our Music Trial is a 20-minute assessment of your child's musical abilities. Through this session, we evaluate their hands and fingers coordination, musical ear, synchronization, memory, and intonation. It's an opportunity for us to determine if they're ready to join our music classes. 

After the trial, our coaches provide personalized feedback to help you decide which instrument is best suited for your child's musical journey. Join us for a Trial and unlock your child's musical talents today!

Instruments Sale

Empowering Our Students with high-quality musical instruments

Instrument Sales: Empowering Our Students with Quality Tools

At COCHINEAL Music School, we believe that providing our students with the right tools is essential for their musical growth and success. That's why we offer a specialized Instrument Sales service exclusively for our students.

Unlike traditional music stores, COCHINEAL Store is not open to the public. Instead, it serves as a dedicated resource for our students, supplying them with everything they need to excel in their musical journey. We understand the unique requirements of our students, and our curated selection of instruments reflects this commitment to their development.

We offer full Bundles or packages without add-ons, focusing on providing students with complete sets of high-quality instruments. Each item in our selection is carefully chosen for its quality, durability, and warranty, sourced directly from our trusted suppliers at COCHINEAL Music School.

Our prices are competitive, offering the best value for money compared to public stores in Qatar. We prioritize affordability without compromising on quality, ensuring that our students have access to the best tools for their musical education.

At COCHINEAL Store, we specialize in mid-range brands known for their durability and practicality. With proper care, our instruments can last for up to 10 years or more, providing students with long-lasting tools to support their musical journey.

Instruments Rental

Rent various musical instruments for our kids' home practice

Supporting Student Progress:

  • COCHINEAL understand that having access to quality instruments is essential for our kids' development. That's why we offer an Instrument Rental service to provide them with the tools they need to succeed on their musical journey.

  • A service designed to be a helpful tool for students who may not yet have their own instrument or are unable to purchase one outright. We offer a variety of instruments for rent, including pianos, guitars, drums, percussion, and more.

  • Additionally, our rental program includes options for purchasing the instrument at a later date or buying a used item with good quality, providing students with affordable pathways to ownership.

Join COCHINEAL  and take advantage of our Instrument Rental service to support your musical progress and achieve your goals.

Kids Events

Fun and Engaging music events tailored for kids.

Cochineal Events celebrate musical milestones and foster community spirit. From recitals and concerts to graduations and public gatherings, our diverse calendar offers opportunities for growth, collaboration, and performance. Our events go beyond music, teaching essential life skills like confidence and teamwork. Plus, we give back through community involvement. Join our vibrant musical community today!

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