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Item Warranty

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2-Years War­ranty

Your purchases with Cochineal Music Supplies are backed by 2-year warranty starting from the date of the Invoice issued for your items, i.e. we extend the manufacturer's warranty period (usually 12 months) to a full 24 months - at our own cost and there's no extra charge for you!

Why do we do that?

Because we stand by the products we offer. We take great care to offer quality products only. If a product doesn't meet our quality standards, we won't include it in our catalogue, no matter how cheap it is or how well that manufacturer's other products sell.

Are there exceptions?

Signs of wear are only covered if they occurred despite appropriate care or because of demonstrably bad workmanship. In other words: even an expensive trumpet looks pretty bad after a while if you don't wipe off sweat and spit. We're very obliging, but neither we nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for inappropriate care :-) 

We deliver all instruments with basic care tips.

What if something is broken?

If something's broken, before you return it, please contact our customer service department. Our warranty is valid for all purchases since 1 March 2005. You don't need any papers except your invoice number (your customer number usually suffices, too). Please contact our customer service team in the first instance as they can advise the next best possible step.

What if something is beyond repair?

A product that is beyond repair will be exchanged for a new product. If the same model isn't available anymore, we'll offer you an alternative in the same price range, or a refund of the full amount you paid. Naturally, this assumes proper usage of the item. 

This term will apply when we detect any internal failure of the item, such as manufacturing problems; and if you assure us that even if you are having a professional use with the items, handled only by your technicians and specialists, if the item still has internal failures, then you will have a refund or replacement automatically. (Evidence and proofs are accepted by videos only via email.)

Any questions?
...that since 2002 Our Music Equipment supplier has had its own dedicated department for quality control, which is concerned with nothing but enhancing the quality of our products? If a product doesn't meet our standards in terms of quality, workmanship and functionality, we won't put it in our catalogue. Our own brand products are continually improved in conjunction with their manufacturers, and even many renowned brand names have manufacturers come to rely on feedback from us in order our quality control department to improve their products.

Thanks for choosing Cochineal Store.

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